Michael Chimes, Lancaster

I come from a small town called Rushden in Northamptonshire which I traded in for the big city lights of Manchester for my undergraduate masters at the University of Manchester.


As part of my undergraduate I spent a year at Amec Foster Wheeler working on actinide and radiostrontium analysis methods which sparked my interest in nuclear chemistry. For my final year research project I worked for Melissa Denecke on the synthesis of new BTP and BTPhen derivatives for separation of actinides and lanthanides.

I’ve now moved even further north for my PhD to Lancaster University where I pretend to be a nuclear engineer. My project it entitled ‘Nuclear Fuel Recycling: Are There NO Issues?’ which means I’m looking at possible influence of NO on Neptunium speciation. This project is supervised by Colin Boxall and is sponsored by NNL.

Email: m.chimes@lancaster.ac.uk