Joshua Croft, Leeds


I’m Josh, originally from Bradford, West Yorkshire. Did my undergraduate in Chemistry at The University of Manchester. While doing an outreach event (playing with liquid Nitrogen, blowing things up, the fun stuff!) I found out about Next Generation Nuclear. Before applying I was briefly a secondary school science teacher, but decided I hadn’t finished with my own education yet and applied to NGN. Absolutely no regrets, as I am now at the University of Leeds, merely 30 minutes away from where I grew up living in Leeds.

My project title is “Erosion and mobilisation of highly active nuclear simulants with impinging vertical jets”. I will be dealing with a wide range of fake nuclear waste (the simulant) and analysing how it breaks apart, stays suspended and how it behaves in my rig. This is all based around the Highly Active Storage Tanks (HASTs) at Sellafield where all the highly active waste is stored after the uranium and plutonium has been removed. That’s the short version anyway! Further down the line I will be combining this with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) to find out how individual particles adhere to each other in these HASTs.

Already this year I’ve had two fantastic training opportunities, one at The University of Porto, Portugal, to learnall the techniques I’ll need for AFM. Also just short of a month long trip to The University of Xiamen, China, for a course of Clean Energy, with an emphasis on nuclear.

It’s not all science, when I’m not in the office or lab I’m very often gaming one way or another (computer, console, table-top, card games, you name it!). If not gaming, then I’m training for, or actually training at Leeds Shotokan Karate. Sometimes it pays off in the form of medals and trophies (as seen by my shameless photo of me winning!).