Sarah Kearney, Sheffield

I’m originally from Leeds, which after 18 years I was very eager to leave for the opposite side of the Pennines where I studied Geology at the University of Liverpool. I enrolled for the 3 year BSc but enjoyed it so much I decided to stay for an additional year, leaving with a MESci. After graduating I was slightly disheartened to find the job market was crashing down around my ears, but after some time temping and cavorting off on lengthy global adventures I managed to find employment.

I relocated to Norwich and became a Geotechnical Engineer, spending the next 3 years working on sites across the UK. The lure of research was too strong though, and has brought me back to Yorkshire (and to living very happily in Leeds again) to be part of the Immobilisation Science Laboratory research group at Sheffield. My project title is “Radiolysis and radiation damage effects in cements used in radioactive waste storage and disposal”, which is really looking at how radiation affects the different minerals in cements we use for nuclear waste storage and disposal.

Outside of research I love being outdoors, so camping, hiking, and swimming along with travel are my favourite pastimes. In the winter I do hide indoors and crochet in the warm though.