Sultan Mahmood, Manchester

Hi, I’m Sultan, I’m doing a PhD at Manchester university in the school of materials. I come from an old mill town called Nelson in the north west of England and did my masters in chemistry at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow.

During my degree I spent a year living in Madrid under the ERASMUS programme. Where I learnt about Spanish language and culture. I also had an industrial placement year working at Pfizer where I learnt a lot about the pharmaceutical industry and research.

My interest in physical chemistry and the nuclear industry led to me to apply for a nuclear related project. The title of my project is “Mechanistic Understanding of Aluminium Alloy Corrosion in product stores”. The goal of the project being to develop a lifetime prediction model for aluminum alloy 6xxx series extrusions in relation to marine environments. Analysis of this corrosion will be carried out using a variety of techniques including but not limited to SEM and 3D X-ray tomography.

Over the years having spent time travelling, working and living in a range of places has provided me with a high level of cultural awareness. In my spare time I enjoy travelling, learning languages, cycling and hiking.