Rory Spencer, Liverpool

I started out growing up in rural north Northamptonshire before moving up to Lancaster to complete my MPhys degree in Physics with particle physics & cosmology.

rory_picAfter graduating in 2013 and finding it hard to get a job in the nuclear industry with a plain physics background I took a job as a data auditorat one of the ‘big 4’ accountancy firms in St Albans. I then discovered that I didn’t really fit with corporate culture and despite the good pay needed to find a job doing something I loved. Hence I am here doing an engineering PhD related to nuclear and hoping to move into the industry on completion.

Now I am based at the University of Liverpool and my work is titled ‘Plastic Strain Development in Irradiated Structural Materials’ and involves me investigating the effects of irradiation to the plastic deformation ahead of a cracks in steels. A growing proportion of my time is spent travelling from Liverpool up to Cumbria to use the ion beam irradiation facilities at DCF.